The Toxin-Free Life Detox: Reset & Recharge Your Health with Effective Detox Tips

More than ever, your body is in strong need for a coping mechanism that can fight off the chemical/toxin onslaught. One way or other, those health hazarding toxins, environmental pollutants, pesticides, heavy metals, carcinogens, chemicals, and allergens find their ways into our body thorough direct touch, food consumption, inhalation, or by some other means.

In the midst of a hectic routine lifestyle, keeping your body toxin free and ideally nourished is a cumbersome task. That is why we want to talk about simple and easy to follow detox tips to effortlessly incorporate in routine lifestyle.

Are you frequently experiencing unexpected weight gain and/or prolonged periods of being under stress? Do you often find yourself feeling foggy and fatigued for no reason? If yes, then it is time to detoxify your body and gift it with full and flourishing health.

What is Total Natural Detox?

The approach towards achieving total body detox aims at flushing out toxins and other harmful elements in a natural way. By strengthening your immune system, achieving natural detox protects your body against many serious diseases. It allows you to perform your best by being at your best. It is centered around;

  • Promoting natural weight loss
  • Preventing a state of fatigue and improving energy level
  • Delivering a solid immune boost
  • Rejuvenating health & fitness levels

How to Achieve Total Detox

Sleep Detoxification

Research studies have supported our brain’s role in detoxification through its waste management system. When we are asleep, this system gets activated, which is referred in scientific term as the glymphatic system.

This system facilitates pumping of cerebral spinal fluid through brain’s tissues, which then pushes harmful waste back to our body’s circulatory system. From then, the liver takes on to promote toxin excretion as its routine functions.

When we deprive our body of adequate sleep, it hampers the functions of the glymphatic system and leads to toxin build up. A relaxing sleep at night ensures optimum functioning of the brain to support our body’s detoxification process.

Alcohol Curb

Our liver metabolises around 90% of total alcohol consumption. Liver enzymes convert alcohol to acetaldehyde through metabolism. Acetaldehyde is a known cancer causing chemical. Liver identifies acetaldehyde as a harmful toxin and assists in its excretion from body.

Excessive alcohol consumption causes liver inflammation along with fat build up. It affects liver’s toxin excretion capabilities, which then leads to toxin build up such as acetaldehyde. Limiting alcohol consumption is a smart and effective way to keep your body toxin free.  

Sweat Out Toxins

Did you know that our skin is capable of flushing out metallic toxins like lead, mercury and arsenic? Exercise is a great way to get rid of toxins through sweating. You do not necessarily need to join Gym classes. Start with a mild-moderate workout sessions including stretching, jogging, pushups, crunches, etc. and then move your way up. 

Hydration for Health  

A state of ideal hydration has been associated with total body detox. As mentioned earlier, the liver and the brain facilitate toxin excretion. However, it is water that serves as a transportation medium for these toxins and other types of waste. Ensure that you are drinking at least 2 litres or 8 (8-ounce each) glasses of water every day to maintain a state of optimum hydration.

Clean Eating

The concept of clean eating is not news to most of us. Clean eating has become a way of life to stay healthy and most importantly for natural detox. Get rid of harmful processed foods including commercial fried foods, fast foods, refined snacks, sugar based drinks, fruit juices and beverages. Excessive sugar, salt and oil leads to toxin build up. Incorporate clean eating by consuming more wholesome fruits, fresh vegetables, healthy greens and other healthy organic foods.

Let’s detoxify to live to your fullest. Keep your body disease free as well as toxin free to accomplish total body detox.