Feedback & Outcomes

We are proud of our client care and are always looking for ways to improve our service and endeavour to achieve the highest standards possible. As part of this we regularly invites clients to express their views on their experiences any highlight any shortfalls whilst under our care. All feedback was collected anonymously. We would like to thank clients who very generously gave permission to share their comments.

  • Annual Feedback collated from clients indicates that overall 100% of clients feel that the care that they receive is ‘Excellent’,and that they are confident of the Clinic’s ability to provide care and are happy to recommend its services to a family or friend. Below are some more survey results;
  • 100% said that the Practitioner is helpful, polite and efficient.
  • 100% said that the Practitioner is good at making them feel at ease.
  • 100% said that the practitioner is trustworthy and honest.
  • 100% said that the practitioner listens and understands their health problems.
  • 100% felt that when asking important questions, they get answers they can understand.
  • 91% said  that the proposed treatment was clearly explained to them.
  • 82% stated that side/after effects of the treatment were clearly explained to them.
  • 82% felt that the practitioner involved them in decisions about their care/treatment.
  • 100% stated that the practitioner helped them to better understand and cope with their condition.
  • 100% felt that the practitioner was excellent in providing the treatment.
  • 82% felt they had excellent improvements from having treatments, while 27% felt it made good improvement to their condition.
  • 100% rated the care to be Excellent.