Combination Treatments

Our long term research and experience tells us that the best and shortest route to good health outcomes are achieved by a treatment program based on the person’s needs. For this purpose we adopt an Integrated Medicine approach combining a selection of treatments appropriate to the person’s problems.  In addition, patients have the benefit of receiving more than one type of treatment without the  burden of multiple visits to different therapists and the added financial cost.


In an Integrated medicine treatment we use both ancient and modern medicine knowledge. We may incorporate a choice of two or more types of treatments. The treatment combination is always discussed with patients and how each type of treatment is able to benefit them. For example, within a single treatment visit a patient may receive acupuncture, which is then followed by some acupressure massage.  Alongside this, if it is appropriate nutrition, herb or supplements may also be advised.

Sessions last about  40-60 mins. At the Clinic, the following types of treatments may be incorporated  into an integrated treatment plan;

  • Chinese Acupuncture: involving insertion of fine needles aimed at balancing the body energies (also known as Qi) to enhance its ability to heal.
  • Nutrition: including herbs and supplements.
  • Aromatherapy: using plant essential oils known for their therapeutic and healing properties
  • Massage:  therapeutic &  acupressure deep tissue massage.
  • Other therapeutic tools e.g. mindfulness practice, breathing techniques may be used, and musculoskeletal movements or exercises may be advised.