Coping with Depression and Anorexia

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I started seeing Dr lee after being recommended , I had reached a very low stage in my life , where recovery from anorexia seemed light years away and out of my grasp.  I was fearful and worried about using mental health services , my previouse expericence had been both painful & negative & treatment from mental health services had not helped me.

When I started to see Dr Lee , I was at a very low weight & nutrionally compromised, my mood was low , my confidence & self esteem rock bottom  I was unemployed & not able to work.

Today I am working full time , my weight has improved significantly , my extreme low moods have improved, I am looking forward to my future – which was something that I never thought I had to look forward to .

With support from Dr lee , variety of treatments , I have been able to turn my life around .

I can recommend her to you , if you recognise some of these symptoms in yourself .

Note: For reasons of confidentiality the client names has been excluded.

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